As well as being a great place to live, Market Harborough attracts tourists from all over the UK. It’s often described as a quintessential English market town with attractions that suit a wide range of different travellers. More than that, Market Harborough is not far away from some other great destinations, meaning that it serves as the perfect launchpad for an unforgettable weekend getaway.

Choosing Hotels in Market Harborough

Whether your weekend getaway is for romance, to escape city life, or something else completely, the best way to find the right accommodation is to make use of a hotel finder. When you use this kind of tool, you can quickly sort through everything that’s available to identify the best choices. This is particularly useful in Market Harborough, given there are a lot of different options due to its popularity.

One specific hotel in the region to consider is The Three Swans Hotel, which dates back all the way to the 16th century and has even been visited by English royalty. It’s centrally located, the room prices are reasonable, and the food is all locally sourced. It’s hard to go wrong at this hotel for any type of occasion.

On the other hand, if you’re planning to indulge a little bit during your weekend getaway, Rushton Hall Hotel and Spa might be the best choice. This hotel allows visitors to escape into luxury with its grandiose setting and rejuvenating spa facilities that are ideal for couples or individuals looking to unwind. Although this hotel is on the more expensive side, many find the experience well worth it.

Another consideration is that depending on what time of year you’re travelling, you may need to plan well in advance. It’s worth keeping in mind that popular events like the Harborough Classic Car Show and the Market Harborough Food and Drink Festival can draw big crowds to the area and make reservations harder to come by.

Foxton Canal (Leicestershire) Source: Unsplash

Spending Some Time in Leicester

As you look around for nearby destinations to add to your weekend adventure, Leicester clearly stands out. The trip to get there from Market Harborough is hassle-free, only taking 15 minutes by train or 30 minutes by car. There are frequent bus services linking the two towns, as well.

Once in Leicester, you won’t run out of things to do. You can visit important sites like the Leicester Cathedral, which has reopened after a huge renovation, or The Guildhall, which has existed since the 1300s and used to be the city’s official town hall. There are many great museums worth your time, too, with the Jewry Wall, Leicester Museum, and Newarke Houses Museum all being worth a visit.

If you’re a travelling family, the National Space Centre is where kids can combine entertainment with learning, while Abbey Park is the perfect place for a picnic or simply to spend some time outdoors and watch the swans going about their lives in the lake. Abbey Park is great for couples, as are Leicester’s endless fine dining and nightlife options.

In the evenings, there’s no shortage of great restaurants to choose from. You’ll be able to find something from just about any cuisine, including extremely successful restaurants like John’s House, which has been awarded a Michelin star. In what may come as a surprise, Leicester has even been named Britain’s nightlife capital, so you can be confident there’s plenty to keep you entertained at all hours of the night.

Lincoln’s Historic Charm

Image Source: Pexels
If you’re up for a bit of a longer drive, you can get to the town of Lincoln from Market Harborough in just under 90 minutes. This is an ideal destination for those who want to take in the scenic beauty of the English countryside. You’ll know when you’ve just about arrived in the town when the historic skyline starts to appear in the distance.

The history of Lincoln is one of its main attractions. One of the main features of the skyline is the huge Gothic cathedral that used to hold the title of the world’s tallest building. The cathedral owns one of only four original copies of the Magna Carta, and guided tours of the cathedral are available for visitors.
Another notable building, and only a stone’s throw away from the cathedral, is the Lincoln Castle. This was built by William the Conqueror all the way back in the 11th century, and today, it’s probably the best place to get wide-ranging views of Lincolnshire. Join one of the historical tours and learn about everything from construction to Roman occupation.

For a deeper dive into the region’s history, head to the open-air Museum of Lincolnshire Life, or for something a bit different, try a boat tour along the Brayford Waterfront. This is a great way to gain a more unique perspective on the city. If you like to wander, the Steep Hill and Bailgate areas are perfect, both providing a chance to really immerse yourself in local Lincoln life.

Spending a weekend trip in Market Harborough is a wonderful choice, but it becomes even greater when you add in some nearby destinations on top. Whether it’s Leicester, Lincoln, or one of the other towns and cities in the region, there are many unforgettable weekend getaways you can plan, all beginning right from Market Harborough.

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