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  • Lynn Castle

    What a load of rubbish- expected it to be bigger and better after not being on last year, but was hugely disappointed, this years acts included a bubble wizard blowing smoke filled bubbles at little children- clearly causing them distress and tears, also king brasstards singing songs containing swear words- completely inappropriate again for little kids, don’t the organisers vet the acts when booking them? . The acts should have also worn microphones so we could actually hear them- they did previous years. People brought dogs with them which were aggressive when meeting other dogs and owners didn’t control them or ignored it. Hardly any walk about acts between the main areas performing. Actually hear several people say it’s disappointing this year. Arts fresco was only the best in the first year which was actually enjoyable now each year gets worse and now not worth it

    1. Harbs Listing Owner

      Hi Lynn,

      Firstly we don’t represent the Arts Fresco in any way.

      We’re sad to hear of your disappointment with the event, and that you experienced some inconvenience with dogs that members of the public brought along. It’s important to remember that the organisers do go to a great deal of effort to put on this popular free event which, and it wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of the volunteers and sponsors.

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